About Us

Guardian International is a comprehensive medical services and crisis management company that specializes in operating in emerging markets and remote areas of the world. We are a leading global provider of health care services, including clinical services, hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation, medical procurement and supply, training and provision of support to locally-based health services providers. We are ready to implement a custom set of solutions designed to respond to any customer’s requirements, anywhere, anytime. We can achieve this through the following:

  • Unparalleled experience providing medical support and evacuation in war zones and other remote environments
  • Capability to provide patient care from point of injury to any local or international medical facility worldwide without disruption or external support
  • Ability and willingness to combine and tailor multiple services as required, and flexibility to adjust solutions rapidly as the situation and customer needs change
  • Ability to operate autonomously anywhere in the world

Our success speaks volumes; many other providers of remote sites medical services actually subcontract Guardian to provide these services in non-permissive environments, as they either cannot or will not operate within these high-risk situations.

Guardian International puts people first, and therefore can mobilize rapidly anywhere, at any time.

We are committed to excellence, efficiency, and responsiveness at all times

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